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Hobie Fishing Worlds 2012 - USA


Texas and the Hobie Fishing World Championships is still very fresh in my mind. What an experience, what a fantastic group of kayak fishing folk. The world of kayak fishing really does bring together some incredibly friendly and like minded people.


Well Hobie Team GB didn't win, Rob did manage to get on the stage on day 2 with a 4th place, the secret to the event was getting on the scoreboard each day, one bad day and you soon found yourself down the rankings, it wasn't just about trying to catch fish, once you found them that was sometimes easy, but getting the bigger fish then became the problem, all fish had to be over 14" to score, even some of our new American friends were finding the conditions tough. Fishing flukes on a drop shot rig was the winning method on day 3, you guessed it, I fished the method with worms on the first day and had one good fish, texas rigged worms were the method on day 2, so I stuck with it on day 3 along with my fellow team members, I just couldn't get amongst the bigger fish until it was very late in the day, and the clock ran out.


The Hobie Pro Angler 12's proved themselves as an ultimate tournament kayak even in the crazy strong winds and wind blown chop, waves coming crashing over the bow, the Hobie just got on with the job, brilliant.

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