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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more

Safe Fast Cut Knife 

The Safe Fast Cut Knife by Lumb Bros is designed to cut through safety belts when drivers and/or passengers need to get out quick.

Lumb Bros sent us one of their knives to see if it suited the kayak fishermen's needs.

The Safety Fast Cut Knife comes in a tough web sheath with belt loop. A velcro tab on the handle of the blade folds down on the sheath to lock the knife in the sheath when not required.


The knife comes with a spare double-sided stainless blade which is easily replaced by removing the two allen bolts.


Out of the pack we had to adjust the angle of the blade to accommodate some of the thinner items that we as kayak fishermen need to cut.

So how did the Safety Fast Cut Knife fair?


Anchor Trolley/Gunwale Lines

First test was with a piece of standard low stretch 4mm anchor trolley rope. I've had trouble cutting this in the past with safety knives. The Safety Fast Cut Knife went through it like butter.



Paracord, some still use it for mud anchoring in shallow waters with a hand winder. Cut cleanly through.


Anchor Warp

4mm Anchor Warp as comes with most Diver's SMB reels. A stiff tightly woven multistrand line. Cut with ease.


Strap Webbing

Standard webbing as found on many hatches. Due to the adjustment to the blade to accommodate the finder lines the strap was too thick to run down the blade.


30lb Mono Fishing line

30lb mono leader. A much thinner line at .55mm again no problem with cutting through this, even when the line was slack.


10lb Braid

10lb Spiderwire, quite a stiff braid. The line didn't cut when slack, it went under the blade and got trapped. When the line was held tight it cut with ease, not ideal.



For the vast majority of the items we cut it went through with ease. The fact that braid tangled was a concern as this could be the item easly tangled up in.

The only time that I have seen somebody needing to cut themself free in an emergency involved the anchor and trolley, the angler was being dragged under by a half deployed anchor in a strong tide, both of which in this test were cut with ease.

Longevity of the blade and handle in saltwater, only time will tell, the blades can be replaced and I suspect could rust, most sharp blades do.

The Safety Fast Cut Knife is available from:

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