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Crazy Creek Products - S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR Chair

Out of the packet, the Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR Chair doesn't look like anything special. This seat is very different to anything else we had seen, basically made up of two shaped pockets with an inflatable bladder in each, one for the seat base and the other making up the back rest. This is a very basic description and technically there is more to the seat than described.

Inflation is through a pair of very clever self-sealing On Air valves enclosed behind a well fitting rubber cover; a plastic clip locks the On Air button, to inflate, unclip the button and blow into the valve, a few puffs and the bladder is filled, with no need to inflate till hard, even with my asthma it was easily inflated, as soon as your lips leave the valve it seals, all that is left to do is close the rubber cover to protect the valve from dirt and dust.

Inflation valve open on left and closed on right.

Once both bladders are inflated the S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR looks more like a conventional kayak seat, but with considerably more padding.


Fitting to the kayak is via the smartly emblazoned Crazy Creek straps and four brass swivel clips, two forward and two to the rear, all which are fully adjustable to suit the paddler plus all makes and models of kayaks with pad eyes fitted.

On the water for the first time the S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR feels a little insecure, this is due to the thick inflated base, which means you ride quite high in the cockpit and unsettles the kayak's low centre of gravity. Open the On Air valve cover which is conveniently placed to your right hand side and press the little pink button, the seat will start to deflate slowly. To find the ideal level of comfort, security and height you will need to play a little; we found it best to deflate a little every half hour or so until happy. The backrest was perfect first time.

Once at the optimum setting, the seat was incredibly comfortable with none of the normal pressure point problems when seated for a long period of time. We would have expected some air to escape over a period of weeks, but this didn't appear to be the case, once the seat was set up then you're good to go on your next trip, but I am sure that over a season, a top up may be required.

The cover material is a strong and durable 600D coated polyester. Should you be unlucky enough to have an accident and puncture the seat, a repair kit is supplied.

Rear zip pocket and rod holder.

An easily accessed and useful tall zipped pocket is attached to the centre of the back rest designed to accommodate a 2 litre water bladder, but equally good for containing forceps, pliers and cutters; along the right hand side of the pocket is a single rod holder designed to accommodate a light spinning rod.

When off the water, the seat can be set up as a camp seat by clipping the forward straps to a pair of D-clips on either side of the seat pad.

The S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR is easily deflated by pressing the On Air button and rolling the seat until all the air is removed. Once deflated, the seat is perfect for the traveling kayak fisherman, easily packed in a suitcase for those holidays abroad.

If the seat should require a serious clean, remove the bladders, then chuck it in a cool wash in the washing machine, firstly removing all the plastic and brass clips. See seat's care instructions or visit before attempting.

The Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR comes with a limited lifetime guarantee;this generally means that any failure due to workmanship then Crazy Creek will repair or replace; failure due to carelessness, misuse or general wear and tear is not covered, this is at Crazy Creek's discretion.

If you're looking for a seat that will provide you with ultimate comfort and good back support, then have a look at the Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR.

You can order the Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak III Full AIR online at

Six months on and the seat in the main is as good as new, although we are starting to see signs of corrosion on the brass swivel clips which connect the seat to the kayak, this is despite our rinsing in fresh cold water after every trip. These will need changing for better quality fittings before they fail or jam locked onto the kayak.

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