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Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more

Malone SeaWing - Kayak Cradle

The Malone – SeaWing is the only kayak carrier that will allow you to mount a pair of kayaks side by side, hull side down, the ability to do this is due to its easy to set up mid-point mounting system which allows the kayak to hang over the sides of the vehicle.

Out of the box the design is very pleasing to the eye, the black polycarbon corrosion free, UV resistant rack is highlighted with a pair of red Malone logo’s and matching red camlock straps, all look to be built to last.

Mounting is via a pair of 50mm bolts for each cradle which makes it very quick and easy to fit to square, round and most oval shaped roof bars.

A Stinger Load Assist Module is now available as an add on accessory to assist with single handed loading from the rear of your vehicle. The stinger is also available with the SeaWing as a combo package.

Personal experience:

The first time I used the Malone SeaWing I have to admit to being slightly alarmed, the kayak tended to bounce a little, I like to have things tied down tight. Unknown to me at the time, this flexing is built into the SeaWing to eliviate any stress on the kayak.

Having now changed cars and roof racks I had a need to carry two kayaks to Wales for the Disability Day at Llangorse Lake and getting them both onto the Volvo was going to be a bit of a headache.

I mounted the SeaWing towards the offside edge of the rack, as close as I dare to the plastic mounts which lock the rack to my roof. The Seawing is very quick and easy to position, just 4 x 50mm bolts to tighten and your ready to go; 60mm bolts are available should they be required, a quick check to ensure they were aligned and I was ready for the kayak.

I slide the Malibu II XL into the cradle and tightened the bright red straps, both of which are part of the package, a nice touch is the buckle protectors on the straps which prevent wear on the kayak, I gave the kayak a wiggle and it all appeared very secure, the shape of the hull sat well in the cradle.

With J-bars on the nearside of the rack, I was able to fit the two kayaks with a little room to spare.

All loaded up I was ready to hit the road; what a difference to my first experience, the kayak moved only slightly as described in the literature, even when pushing the speed limit, I was running late.

For anyone with a young family and has the problem of carrying a pair of kayaks, take a look at the SeaWing, you won’t be disappointed and it might just get you more time on the water if the family can come out and play.

For more information visit: or for information of UK suppliers.


  • Capacity: 70 lb / 32" Wide Kayak
  • Dimensions: 27"(length) x 6"(width) x 5"(height)
  • Frame: Corrosion Proof Polycarbon
  • Padding: Ribbed Synthetic Rubber

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