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Fladen Solid Carbon Ice Pike Rod

Have been aware of the Fladen Ice Pike rod for some time, my son and daughter each have one of the original models, his in fluorescent green and hers pink of course. They have been great for the kids using them to catch mackeral and scad from dads kayak.

With the arrival a couple of years ago of the Fladen Solid Carbon rods, namely the 6' 6", a great rod, but a little short for using on a 13' plus kayak, the hope then was that Fladen might decide to manufacture something a little longer, of course now they have a range of Solid Carbon rods; included in this new range is the all new Ice Pike, I know it's shorter than my preferred rod length 7'6" - 8' 3" but it does fit rather nicely inside the main hatch on a kayak and ready to fish.

Fits nicely inside the front hatch.

Total length the Ice Pike measures in at 130cm (4' 6") with a Duplon handle length of 48cm (19") and screw up reel seat, the rings are whipped with black and silver thread the overall look of the rod is one of quality although on close inspection the whippings are a little heavily varnished and done with a lacking of care.

A little too much varnish.

The Ice Pike matches nicely with a small baitcaster style reel, baitcasters are perfect when feathering for bait allowing an easy one handed controlled drop, the length of the Fladen Ice Pike only became an issue for me when using some of the mini Hokkai and Sabiki rigs their trace length being to long, the last 2 or 3 hooks remain in the water even at a stretch, not a problem when using traditional 3-4 hook feather rigs for mackeral. 8oz plus of lead on the bottom when the tide is running is not an issue and has little effect on this stiff little rod.

Matches nicely with a baitcaster.

Sport wise the rod is a lot of fun, a couple of mackeral hooked up will put a smile on your face, my aim though has been to hook up with a Smoothound, something to really test the capability of this rod, but time restraints and sea conditions this year have meant sticking with conventional gear, whilst targeting smuts.

Whilst you wouldn't want the Fladen Solid Carbon Ice Pike as your only rod it has it's place in the kayak fishing quiver, more so if you have small children as they will love it.

Nearly forgot, the Fladen Solid Carbon Ice Pike comes complete with a cloth bag.

The Solid Carbon Ice Pike and cloth bag.

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