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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more

Kayak Video and Camera Mounts

Lets face it we all like to see ourselves in front of the camera, sharing our catches, trips and experiences through the forums, blogs or YouTube.

Only a couple of years ago most had to either make their own mounts or hold the camera at arms length to snap their catch hoping that they were in frame, the only alternative was to always ensure you took along a pal who shared your enthusiasm for capturing every fish you caught regardless of the size!

Thankfully we are starting to see more and more kayak friendly camera mounts, some are purpose made for the job, others utilising products already on the market designed for the photography enthusiast to always be in the picture.

xshot Kayak Mount


The first purpose made system that we were aware of was the xshot 2.0 Camera Extender. The basic product has been available in the UK for some time and we have seen it available for as little as £10.

The xshot 2.0 has a small standard threaded camera mount at one end with a tilting head enabling you to angle the camera towards you and tighten with a thumb screw.


At the other end a rubber sleeved handle with a wrist loop to tether to your wrist. The telescopic section in the middle allows you to extend the pole from 23cm closed to 94cm at its most extended, the pole weighs in at 570g.

The kayak version of the xshot 2.0 comes complete with a 1" R.A.M ball base mount and a short extension and a nicely machined bespoke insert. The xshot 2.0 slides into the R.A.M base mount insert threading the wrist loop through first and out of an aperture at the base which allows you to secure the xshot 2.0 and your camera to the kayak. The xshot 2.0 is then secured by tightening the machined insert which grips the rubber handle.


To adjust the position you simply undo the large R.A.M thumb screw as with other R.A.M mounts.

The system works well, you can adjust the camera up and away from you to get a good wide shot including even the largest of fish. Alternatively you can remove the xshot 2.0 and get some odd angles of yourself fishing.


The xshot 2.0 extending handle however is not saltwater proof and even with care rinsing off after each trip the rot starts to set in, the rubber handle was the first thing to suffer, the glue holding it in place gave up and then the telescopic section began to seize and rot, the R.A.M base however remained perfectly serviceable, so by replacing the xshot 2.0 extendable handle every 12-18 months should mean this system will work for you, if you fish in freshwater only then the system should last considerably longer.

Scotty No. 135 Portable Camera Mount

With Scotty being pretty much a standard mounting system for fishing kayaks with many manufacturers incorporating brass inserts to accept a Scotty mount it was inevitable that Scotty would bring out a camera mount.

The No. 135 Portable Camera Mount as Scotty like to call it is quite a small unit, made of the same Polyethylene of all Scotty products you know that it will last.

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