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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more

Palm Equipment - General Purpose Boots

Made with 5mm black neoprene, with a YKK® heavy duty zip aiding entry, grey rubber reinforced toe, heel and thick grip sole the Palm General Purpose Boot is as warm as any other boot that I have worn, the one difference is the thickness of the sole.

Most of the boots that I have worn over the years have been designed for surfing or windsurfing and had thin soles, they were designed to grip the deck and allow you to feel the board under your feet.

Palm boots have thick soles which grip, ideal for when transporting your kayak across a stony beach.

One word of warning though, don't buy these boots mail order, you need to try them on, I wear a size 7 normally, my Palm boots are a size 9 and fit like a glove.

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