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Vision Rod Tubes

Storing rods safely both at home and away on your travels can be an issue. Over the years the number of rods owned grows significantly; 2 or 3 each of bait rods, lure rods, fly rods, LRF rods, beach caster, and thats just the saltwater rods.

Fly rods generally come in a protective tube, either corduroy or metal which is perfect to protect the most delicate of rods. But what about your lure rods and if you have them LRF rods both of which can have incredibly delicate tips.


I use Tubertini lure rods for most of my lure and bait fishing, these rods allow me to fish very light and enjoy my fishing all the more because of it. These rods have solid carbon tips and can easily be snapped if not looked after both on sure and when travelling. I have one jigging rod which is 1.5 inches smaller as it didn't make it through the post when purchased... it was replaced by the supplier but I was able to fit a new tip ring to the shorter rod!

LRF rods also present a problem, my rod has a maximum casting weight of 5g which means a very fine solid tip section, again easily broken and I was warned by the store that it was bought from that I would need to take care of it.

I've also been lucky enough to travel abroad with my kayak fishing, trips to the Channel Islands and USA, taking the rods to the later meant that we needed a safet method of travelling with the rods.

There are several options available, extendable ski style cases which allow you to carry different lengths of rod, or fixed tubes which come at various lengths and widths depending on your requirement.

We decided to go with the fixed tube which would need to be able to hold six Tubertini Sotobo Coast Lure rods safely to our destination in Florida.

The best solution was the Vision Travel Tube, we chose the 160cm tube which has a 10 cm diameter opening, more than adequate for our requirement, and very reasonably priced as well.


The Vision Travel Tube is wrapped in a hard wearing black cloth with a bright green Vision logo on the side, easily spotted on the airport luggage carousel.

Both ends of the tube are reinforced with a hard wearing leatherette material. The top section opens with a strong green YKK zip with an easy pull Vision tag.

Internally the Vision Travel Tube is lined with a lighter weight black cloth, the cap filed with foam to protect the rods should they slide around inside the case.

Carrying is made easy with both an adjustable shoulder strap which can be easily removed and webbed carry handle with comfort padding wrapped around it. There is also an address label pocket.

We have used this tube both to store rods in the garage, strapped to the car roof rack,

travelling abroad and we are always happy in the knowledge that the rods will be well protected. Externally apart from being a little grubby from its last trip on the roof rack wedged between kayaks the Vision Travel Tube is in perfect condition, the zip works perfectly with no signs of wear.

If you want to protect your rods and don't want to spend a fortune take a look at the Vision range of Travel Tubes, we have seen them for under £30, much cheaper than replacing a quality rod or two.

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