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Crazy Creek Products - S.O.T. Kayak Chair III

Testing kayak seats can either be a pain or in the case of the Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair III, a pleasure.

The Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair III is made from 600D coated polyester, this makes for a tough washable seat. The seat tested is covered in a Red Hibiscus print which is no longer available, but you can always ask about availability if it takes your fancy, if not then black is the standard colour.

When the seat first arrived I was a little surprised at the shape of the zippered pocket bag on the seat back, the main concern was getting all my tools in such a tall narrow bag and still have room for my snack, shouldn't have worried, the shape of the bag actually works in the anglers favour keeping all the tools, 12" forceps, pliers, side cutters etc up the right way with handles easily accessible, therefore coming out ready for use. If water should enter the bag there is a central drainage hole at the base. The bag is designed to accommodate a 2-litre water bladder.

Above the bag is are two large accessory clips.

The seats straps emblazoned with the words crazy creek, are connected to the kayaks pad eyes with brass swivel clips. These clips are slightly narrower than on other seats we have used and enabled easier connection to the pad eyes around the rear tankwell, these normally having bungee cord running through. The straps are easily adjusted to fit and position the seat in the cockpit.

The 1.5" closed-cell foam used in the seat pad and back make for an incredibly comfortable ride. I was surprised to see that there was no ribbing to allow water to flow off the seat, but in reality there is no need for it, the extra thickness keeps the pad clear of any water and any that does find its way onto the seat just runs off.

The high cut ergonomic seat back wraps nicely around your back and supports you in your chosen paddling, or fishing position, this position can be adjusted easily whilst on the water by pulling or releasing the two forward straps.

When off the water the seat can be set up as a camp seat by clipping the forward straps to a pair of D-clips on either side of the seat pad.

If the seat should require a serious clean, then chuck it in a cool wash in the washing machine, firstly removing all the plastic and brass clips. See seats care instructions or visit before attempting.

The Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair III comes with a limited lifetime guarantee this generally means any failure due to workmanship then Crazy Creek will repair or replace, failure due to carelessness, misuse or general wear and tear is not covered, this is at Crazy Creek's discretion.

The S.O.T. Kayak Chair III was initially tested during a 7 hour session on a local river targeting Pike, due to the highly overgrown muddy banks it was impossible to land and stretch the legs, this was a real test of endurance, second test was during a 5 hour stretch on an inland lake.

If your looking for a chair with good back support and a comfort level second to none then take a look at the Crazy Creek S.O.T Kayak Chair III, it's the comfiest chair we have used to date.

You can order the Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair III online at

Six months on and the seat in the main is as good as new, although we are starting to see signs of corrosion on the brass swivel clips which connect the seat to the kayak, this is despite our rinsing in fresh cold water after every trip. These will need changing for better quality fittings before they fail or jam locked onto the kayak.

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