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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more

Ocean Kayak, Sport Yak

Length 8' (2.4 m), Width 30" (76.2 cm), Weight 44 lbs (20 kg).
Maximum weight capacity 300 lbs (135 kg) depending on water conditions.

First Impressions

Normally we like to review a kayak over a period of time in various conditions, the First Impressions reviews are literally that, a quick chance to paddle a kayak, either at a demo, a kayak fishing meet, or just by asking somebody at the beach.


Some might say that the Sport Yak is not a fishing kayak, but it does have a flush mount rod holder built in behind the moulded seat so worthy of a paddle.

The picture above speaks for itself, the Sport Yak is a lot of fun, sat with your legs raised a little either side of the small centre console it all feels a little strange at first.

Paddling away from shore with a relaxed forward stroke kept the Sport Yak travelling on a straight course, but putting some effort in to your stroke soon produces a bow wave followed by the Sport Yak's bow swinging from side to side, this kayak is built to turn. Digging the paddle in behind me and sweeping it forward leaning on to the paddle a little span me on the spot, leaving a childish grin on my face.

Weighing in at 44 lbs and only 8 ft long, built in moulded carry handles and moulded seat, she makes a fun second kayak for the kids to play on (a lad of around five years old was paddling like an expert within 10 minutes on the demo day), and something for mum/dad to play on in the surf, plus the added ability to carry a rod for a little exploring.

Sadly there were no waves to play on at the demo day, this is where the real fun should begin, if you get the chance at a demo or to hire one on holiday give it a try, the Yak Sport definitely has the fun factor.

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