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Kayak Fishing Meets and
Tournaments 2019

The list grows every year and 2019 is bigger than ever, and more of us are now competing abroad as well.

Making the decision on which to attend is getting harder and harder.... more


The first thing that you notice with XTOOLS range is the colour, it hits you straight in the face, this makes finding them in a dark tackle bag or when dropped overboard much easier.

XTOOLS Floating gripNweigh

The XTOOLS Floating gripNweigh fits the hand comfortably and securely in an open grip, allowing a clear view of the digital display. The weight is displayed in pounds or kilograms to a maximum 25lbs. The memory stores the last five weights or heaviest fish, plus total of weight caught.

To weigh your fish simply turn on, squeeze the trigger just above the jaws of the gripNweigh and the jaws open, place the jaws over the bottom lip of your catch and release the trigger, the jaws grip the fish. Hold steady and in a few seconds the gripNweigh will give an accurate weight. Squeeze the trigger again to release your catch, easy and no need to handle the fish, especially useful for toothy critters.

As with all the XTOOLS range the gripNweigh floats. With all tackle used in saltwater we suggest that it is rinsed thoroughly in fresh water after use, this goes for all the items in the XTOOLS range.

XTOOLS Floating E-Z Release

Lightweight, easy to use 10 " dehooker, with a comfortable grip and lanyard for extra security, ideal for catch and release on larger species. We use this dehooker a lot with Doggies and Bull Huss at the side of the kayak, would also be ideal for releasing Conger Eels, we will let you know when we get one. A sheath is also available. Yes it floats.

XTOOLS Floating Mini E-Z Release

A smaller version of dehooker for smaller species, fits the same sheath as the 10 inch.

XTOOLS Floating Pliers


We have tested the 6.5" Bentnose and 9" Bullnose Floating Pliers, both are very light, and easy to manipulate, the cutter works well on braid and thick mono, we have also cut light wire traces with it. Both designs come with a lanyard and sheath, they also float.

Although we like using them, we are concerned about the softness of the jaws, they easily scar and burr when used in anger, there is also some flex in the handles.

Since we received these Pliers, XTOOLS have a new product to their range, the ProXseries Floating Metal Pliers, we believe these will be more suited to the kayakfishermans harsh environment and hope to test in the future.

XTOOLS Floating 8" Fillet Knife

The XTOOLS Floating 8" Fillet Knife comes complete with hard plastic sheath, incorporating several drainage holes, handy if you drop it over the side. A safety locking tab to help keep the blade safely inside the sheath. Of course with all of the XTOOLS range dropping over the side is not a problem, as the tools are designed to float and float they do, very well. This makes them ideal choice for use on a kayak where space is limited and items are easily lost overboard.

The soft green non-slip handle is very comfortable in the hand and the flexible, but extremely sharp hollow ground blade makes filleting easy. The blade is a little long for preparing baits on the kayak, the 6" version would probably be less daunting, but on shore when cleaning and preparing your catch the longer blade comes into it's own.

When used in Saltwater conditions we would advise that you take care in cleaning the blade with fresh water, as this is prone to rusting on the honed edge, a small price to pay for such a sharp blade.

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